The Pleasures of Summer has gone in at #1 in the iTunes market and at #9 in the paperback charts.

I'm half of Evie Hunter, the infamous duo who has writen The Pleasures of Winter, A Touch of Winter, The Pleasures of Summer, A Touch of Summer and Angels, Demons and Doms.

The Pleasures of Winter has sold over 50,000 copies so far, and we are hoping that Summer will do much, much better.
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Ctyolene commented on Bad ways to start a novel

Yes. Let's say she's investigating the death of her best friend. You could start with the death of the friend. You could start with her hearing about the death. Or with her at the funeral, suddenly realising that something about the death was not right. Or even with the last time she saw her best friend and they had an appalling fight. 
      Or something completely different, just so long as it has to do with the death of her best friend.
      What you don't start with is the scene where they met each other in kindergarten.
Ctyolene commented on Bad ways to start a novel

@MisterRomantica You should know the backstory of every character in your novel. You should not  necessarily tell the reader all the backstory, not unless it's necessary. And when you do, it should come out in a natural way. 
      Think of meeting a new friend. You talk about what you have in common, what you disagree about, what your plans are. You don't announce that the reason you are obsessed with dogs is that your mother left your father when he insisted  on adopting an elkhoud bitch.