The Pleasures of Summer has gone in at #1 in the iTunes market and at #9 in the paperback charts.

I'm half of Evie Hunter, the infamous duo who has writen The Pleasures of Winter, A Touch of Winter, The Pleasures of Summer, A Touch of Summer and Angels, Demons and Doms. 

The Pleasures of Winter has sold over 50,000 copies so far, and we are hoping that Summer will do much, much better.
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Then write a few stand-alones now, and build your reputation so that when you propose your eight book series, you have some chance. 

However, even in the eight book series, each book should stand alone. A shared universe type of series, where there is an over-riding plot arc, but each story is independent, works well.

And I'm pretty sure that GRRM pitched Game of Thrones as a single book, not the start of a series.
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@foreverhopeful A query is a business letter. It's not the blurb on the back of a book. 

It's telling the agent or publisher why you think you'd be a good fit, where your book would fit in her portfolio, its length and genre, who your target reader is, what your platform and unique selling point is, and then finally, what the book is actually about and what makes it different and better from any other book out there. 

So yes, of course your pitch has to be great, but if you don't include all the other stuff, it's not going to work. 

Imagine you are asking a venture capitalist for funding. "Dear V. Capitalist,

Ever wished your phone could fly?

I'm approaching you because you financed my friend Stephen's self-disposing bottle, and I think you are the perfect person for this project. 

Next time your phone gets lost, just whistle a tune of your choice, and it will levitate and return to your hand. No more last minute searching, no more asking strangers to ring your number. 

I have a backing in anti-gravity devices at Nasa, and was the inventor of the No-more-bark dog collar which sold three million units last year. 


That's pretty much the way a query letter goes too.
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@Ctyolene , 

I just commented on one of your posts, but I have a much more important question to ask you. If I put half of my unedited stories on wattpad, and then send out query letters to literary agents, will putting  half of each story up hurt me? Or will it help me in the sense that I have hundreds of thousands of views?

I have previously mentioned the number of views I have on the story that I have queried, and the numbers aren't entirely small but not super big either. My last querying process should have gone better than I thought it did. I was clear and concise, made it personal to each literary agent, and was very clever in my ideas.

But yet I got all rejections and now I wonder if it is because I put half of my unedited story for the public eye to view?