The Pleasures of Summer has gone in at #1 in the iTunes market and at #9 in the paperback charts.

I'm half of Evie Hunter, the infamous duo who has writen The Pleasures of Winter, A Touch of Winter, The Pleasures of Summer, A Touch of Summer and Angels, Demons and Doms. 

The Pleasures of Winter has sold over 50,000 copies so far, and we are hoping that Summer will do much, much better.
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Have you ever watched American Idol or X factor at the audition stage? Then you'll know the way you can usually tell within five notes if the singer is actually able to sing and is likely to go throu...
If  you do it  well enough,  you can do anything and make it work. But yiou have to do something like the alarm clock staggeringly well to get away with it,
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Dreams. You know how bored you get when your friends tell you about their dreams? Now imagine a stranger is doing it.
No. Seriously, the reader has no clue what is going on, and if she has a choice between thinking she is stupid for not understanding the story, or  you are stupid for writing it like that, guess what she will pick?
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There are hundreds of great ways to start a story, and the chances are that your book already has one, but you are not using it. 

Read your book and decide where the action really starts. Chances are it's somewhere around the third or fourth chapter.  If you had to read out a scene to a class of school kids or a book group, what would you read? Almost certainly the point where the action really begins.

Just cut everything before that point.
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Yes. If you think about many films, an entire scene could be a few words but lots of significant looks and subtle movements. But you also have to leave room for the actors to do their job. Outline the movments that go with the words, but allow them to put the emotion into it.