Hey guys! And welcome to my page[:! so , I sort of found Wattpad completely by accident! I was looking up free apps on my iPod and came across this & now I'm addicted to it!
      Facts about me[:
      - My name is Katarina.
      - I'm 15
      - I'm in 9th grade :D!
      - I love cheerleading ;D.
      - I am addicted to strawberries!
      - Writing is a favorite pass time for me.
      - I participated in NaNoWriMo this year :D.
      - I usually get happy by the smallest of things.
      - Friends and family are very important to me.
      - I LOVE Cody Simpson, Bieber, & Austin Mahone :D .
      - I speak English and I'm pretty good with Spanish too :D!
      - I have a new collaboration account with Kieli . Our collab account is @KandKCollaborations .
      - I'm Italian & proud :D.
      - Bang Bang Pow Pow is my new favorite song thanks to Ryan Cadle :p ! & Catch Me thanks to Kieli [x .
      - T A K E N by Hot Fudge Swirl Shakes :D! They're THE best milkshakes :D !
      First ten fans :D ;
      1. @dwillis132
      2. @NinjaKiwi0302
      3. @CharliNicole
      4. @JojoGiftey13
      5. @JacquelynTaylor
      6. @xSwagOverload
      7. @NoOneLikesYou
      8. @antiquegirl
      9. @wannabeactresse
      10. @HowBoysThink
      Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned. They're only powerful when your back is turned. - Eminem <3!
      So, feel free to ask me to read your stories or fan you. I promise I will :D! Just fan me too ' cause why leave me out D; ?
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