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If life was apple pie I'd be the recipe!
Don't fan me because you want me to fan you back. I probably won't . I've got a new fanning policy - only people whose stories I absolutely adore, people I've messaged extensively with or people who have dedicated stories to me, get to be on my fan list. Also people with awesome profile pictures! 
I love sappy puppy dog love stories but I love unhappy tortured angst tear my heart out love stories even more. I hate boring. I love twists and reversals... I write a lot of fan fiction and some original short stories but hope to publish my own work someday and I'm always working on one of my many half finished novels. 

I love Urban Fantasy - my favorite authors are Kim Harrison and Patrica Briggs. Actually it's Mercy Thompson and Rachel Morgan I love (and Ivy and Jenks. Adam is nice too. And good old Zee.) I like lots of other books too - I'm a Harry Potter geek and I have read Twilight (not the best book but it's alright. Too tame for me.)

Sometimes I read crime/mysteries too - Love all Lee Child's Reacher books! I also like epic/high fantasy(I never could finish LotR though. Too much damned singing.) Like Eragon and Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth series (also TV series Legend of the Seeker based on those books. It has a feel-good thing going for it.) 

On the TV side note - I watch a lot of that too. Love Castle, the Vampire Diaries, Leverage and Rizzoli and Isle. And I was totally obsessed with Smallville a while back. Love Nikita. Underworld is the best vampire movie ever made! At least the first one...the other three, well, that's up for discussion.

Anyways, hope you enjoy my stories and feel free to check me out on (my usernames; Mango517 and BlueNoise.) Feel free to message me about anything!

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5 Steps to Better Writing

5 Steps to Better Writing

7 parts / 29 pages, updated Jan 17, 2013PG-13
We all know it, even if we don't say it; not much here is worth reading. But with these tips you can make sure your story is one of the good ones. Here you'll find the way to go from idea to fully planned project without all the fuss.
2,933 reads votes 107 comments 89
Want me to read something you wrote?

Want me to read something you wrote?

1 page, updated Dec 18, 2012GCompleted
What the title says...
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A Few Fangtastic Writing Tips

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