Status: Like i said world is fucked up. (1 year ago)


Name яσχιє ..
Location wнo wαɴтѕ тo ĸɴow
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ɴαмeѕ roхιe. ι cαυѕe тroυвle,  

мυѕιc ιѕ oɴly мy ғrιeɴd rιɢнт ɴow.

ι нαve 101 proвleмѕ вυт вιтcн αιɴ'т oɴe  

{no one needs to know..}

мy мoм ιѕ вeyoɴce. ιғ yoυ wαɴт тo ĸɴow  

ι plαy wιтн ғιre αlwαy'ѕ, eɴd υp нυrт ✞

{υη∂єяѕтσσ∂ αηση ♥}

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