Status: 3, 6, 9 The goose drank wine The monkey chew tobacco on the streetcar line The line broke, the monkey got choked And they all went to heaven in a little rowboat (2 years ago)


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ι'м ѕeхy αɴd ι ĸɴow ιт,

It's Aly boys & girls,

ι нαve мore ѕwαɢ тнαɴ yoυ!

З, 6, 9
тнe ɢooѕe drαɴĸ wιɴe
тнe мoɴĸey cнew тoвαcco oɴ тнe ѕтreeтcαr lιɴe
тнe lιɴe вroĸe, тнe мoɴĸey ɢoт cнoĸed
αɴd тнey αll weɴт тo нeαveɴ ιɴ α lιттle rowвoαт ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶

 @jazzyvx Is a beautiful ratchet  mawh xoxoxo 
 @Arianax  Ariel I never had 
 @misscaitx You trying take my swag throne, No girl!

{single bro}

Anon you peasants ♥
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