Status: Tonight i want to show you off. Aye,aye,aye. (1 year ago)


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omg hai 0;
    this be Nowely
  lmao Isaac is so cute 
      he's oovoo name is so stupid like omg ._.
he plays allot of modern ware fare three
always bugging to get online -.-
   umm he's half Mexican 
his little sister is just, oh may gawp ^-^
  her name is rebekah
     blah he likes grey and yellow, yuck
He is 18 ;o
    blah ladies he doesn't have a girlfriend 
  bummer lol JFK .
   talk to him ayee 
o and he loves whales , like omg ~
  he's favorite band is Pierce the veil
      and he plays the acoustic ;0
if you ever webcam him, he will show you o.o
 @TheNerdyGirl that one girl you lobbe *
 @TheNerdyGirl oh my glab this is my friend, Noe. @ErickIsKool hes not litterly cool :P. @iMusstachio shes the funniest thing i listen to :). @RedNinjaXD hes a chill person to chat with on facebook.
thats it. adios muchachos!


Animal sounds for noe:3

Animal sounds for noe:3

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@TheNerdyGirllol i tolled you!XD
Animal sounds for noe:3