I reckon on being one of the lucky ones! I mean I've lived a long life, enjoyed a challenging, interesting and varied life.
 I've not managed to keep much of the money I've made and I always reckon I made much more for other people than for myself, but that's life. I'm rich in health and experiences. 
I found Janet, my life partner when I was past thirty at a time when I was beginning to think my companion on life's passage would be a bottle- Thank the Lord we got that sorted out. 
We're a forward looking couple and when the time came they wouldn't let us work anymore and forced us into retirement, we saw that as another challenge.
The choice was simple, shut down and do nothing except wait for the  call to the hereafter or do something. So we sold up in England and moved to France- new people, new culture, new language, new friends! 
Like I said, I've lived a long time. My earliest recollections is being held in my mother's arms with neighbours outside our house looking at the red sky to the south - London burning in the blitz. Of course I didn't know it at the time. Then when I was four, this was  just before what I learned was D-Day- but when I was much older. 
That trip on the train to scotland and those GI's who sat opposite. Do you know I can see their faces now! all these years later. How they laughed when I said 'Give us some gum chum,' when they asked me to talk. It's what the bigger boys in the street said. I often wonder if they made it? 
I'm so grateful to them and the thousands like them that gave us our freedom today! 
I hope they were lucky ones too!

Just to let you know I'm dragging myself into the 21st century and am now on Twitter, @pgtHobnails. When I find out how to work it, I'll be posting there regularly.

And i've been told to tell you that I won the 2014 Limousin Writers Short Story competition with 'Second Chances." Seems a bit self-aggrandising to mention it, but I was told you'd want to know.
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@millennialsmonologue Hi again Kristen I hope you are well recovered from your flu indisposition and are back on form again.

I am most grateful for your reads of Cousins and the more so to learn that it has given you inspiration.
I think in writing we share a common endeavour. I sat down wearing my thinking cap one day to find one word that would describe all of the ills in the world and our modern democracies and came up with the word -unfairness.
It’s a mild sounding word that covers horrific issues such as race, gender, sexuality, bullying(torture is a bullying extreme),rape of the planet; avarice, fat cats, poverty and soon. I write about the things that bother me and about the things we are doing and not doing to improve matters. It worries me considerably that we have come to accept that politicians will not tell us the truth and when their lies are discovered explain it away with fatuous expressions such as ‘Not a lie ma’am, it’s a matter of national security.’
And we like sheep, accept them, and allow them to lead us astray; thinking they are good shepherds.
Cousins is full of my rants about the prevailing ills in our society as played out through the lives of the characters.

Later in the book I explain what happened to create the banking crisis and quite learned and mature readers have come back to me saying. 'I never knew that..they never explained it like that on Fox news” It’s Sad!

But enough of this, I owe you an apology. In my last mail I suggested you write up the circumstances of your suspension in a  short story. Gaddumph! That’s exactly what you are doing! Pardon me.
 And bear with me, I am only a man!

@millennialsmonologue  Why the surprise at me coming back to you Kristen? We’re friends aren’t we???
I read a similar line to the STe. Theresa line that you quoted. This one is from St.Benedict who said -‘ Always be only your self, and be all you can be.’

It is strange how certain lines have a particular resonance with people at particular moments in their lives.
I remember reading A Season in Hell by French teenager poet Arthur Rimbaud and one tiny verse leaped out of the page and struck me- and has been with me ever since. Of its own, it might not mean much to others, but for me,at that time- nineteen years old, having a bad time at sea working on an old oil tanker- I sensed the poet’s emotions in full measure.
It possibly has a deeper meaning in French but the translation goes:
My immortal soul, redeem your promise.
In spite of the lonely night
And the day on fire.

OMG - you were pilloried for plagiarism- now there’s a basis for a short story if ever I heard one. The circumstances of and surrounding the writing. The discovery and the machinery that followed with the arguments and opprobrium followed by the aftermath....

Thanks for your continuing interest in Cousins, I am planning the launch on Amazon for late January. I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, Stay safe and stay happy

Peter :))

I share memories of the above on a seaside holiday with grandparents when I was seven years of age- remarkable that I can hardly remember yesterday, but can recall that holiday of so may years ago as clearly as if it happened yesterday. A very nice poem. Voted.

Hi Kristen, lovely story painting tremendous pen pictures of solid characters- I can smell the cinnamon on those French Toasts. I’m not sure I fully agree with St. Theresa without applying a touch of qualification. I mean, if one is where one should be, no matter what, how does one fall by the wayside. UNless, of course, ST. Theresa’s maxim applies only to the devout. Loved it. Voted.

You make an attractive case for the film and will put this on our Amazon list. We both like Ralph Fiennes in this household!

In your review you referred to an elderly lady being one of M. Gustave’s ‘lovers’. I perhaps need some help into the second decade of the 21st century with its fixation on change under the guise of political correctness. I much preferred it when female lover’s were mistresses- so much more romantic ...?? Voted