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Name Hailey
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Who is this girl?

You obviously can't know her from reading a profile but you can know some things about her.

She has changed alot lately, and not in ways she would like.

She was born on September 19, 1995 which would make her 16.

She was born and raised in Texas but resides in Louisiana.

Music is her life, and is the way to her heart.

Her passion is writing.

She reads everyday, its her own way of escaping the world.

Her friends make her ROFL.

She enjoys going to new places but hates the long car/plane rides.

She has a small family.

Her hardships only make her stronger.

She doesn't beleive in labels. They're for soup cans, not people.

She is single and it would take someone pretty amazing to change that. (;

Her mom is her favorite person and she looks up to her.

She lives for God.

She loves to watch movies.

Her friends call her Bella but her mom calls her Bells. (Not because of Twilight)

She has the longest name you can imagine.

She likes to talk, so don't feel shy.

She has absolutely no rythem and her singing makes you want to cry. 

She wishes she could skateboard.

She hates her hair, and is now trying to keep it a normal color.

Shes absolutely no wheres near perfect.

Yeah, shes Hailey. The one and only. 

Yeah, I am trying to destroy writers block and get back into writing! Lets see how it works out.

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