I hate writing about me's. They force me into a position of really examining myself, and that's not my style. I would much rather remove myself from reality and engage in a good story, an amazing poem, or a wonderful song. I love reading and writing and although I have the reading down to a science I'm still trying to work on the writing part. And that's where I'm counting on you to come in. "Dun da da da" curtain opens and hopefully a lot of comments and advice comes strolling in. 

I hope you guys like what I've written and if you do, I hope you tell me, because from what I've read so far on Wattpad it's an honor for you to even have opened my page. So thanks, and my fingers are crossed!
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Arise - Book Two of The Spinner's Curse

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Description: A Princess sleeps hidden in the mountains. An evil Queen rules the land. And curses are a way of life. Eira knows of only one way to end the Spinner's Curse: find the Princess, awaken her, and finally set to rights the evil that has destroyed a king...

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Awake - Book One of the Spinner's Curse

Awake - Book One of the Spinner's Curse

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Everyone is hiding from something; a secret, a lie. Mine just happens to be a curse, one bestowed upon m...

#481 in Fantasy
A Box full of Baubles

A Box full of Baubles

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A collection of random shorts and musings to get the creative juices flowing...



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October 31st wasn't always referred to as "Halloween". In old English it was known as All-Hallows Eve, t...

Us vs Them

Us vs Them

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One one-thousand. They take what they want. Who they want. No one is safe, no one is secure. When They c...

Blank reply, sorry, fumbling fingers. I just wanted to say Thank you for reading and sorry because, yes, we're in for a long wait. In the meantime, please feel free to read Arise if you'd like to read the story that takes place between Rory pricking her finger and her waking up. I know, it's not the same, but hopefully you'll find it entertaining!
love you book you are on of the writer I would be seen reading your book all the time all hand claps for you. you are right now movating me to read more of your works if art not even that master pieces. your books have given me
 inspiration and I have only read the prologue of awake and I love it already it starts off like maleficent but it has a twist to it . I like that . keep on writing and if you get discovered I will have all your book believe that and I just wanted to tell you this before u go to bed you are the second person I have committed on about there good no magnificent book keep on writing and give inspiration I can tell you have a gift from above because you have captured my attion with in two words of a book and love you profile pic it goes great with your name and if you drew that respect to you and any thing else amazing you can do hope you love this comment and it helps you get through thought times with people will be reading all your books  and stuff you put on here you rock and you da best - arry

@sexyavacado I know, the beginning is so confusing. I'm writing as fast as I can so I can get you to a place where everything starts clicking together. (This first bit is especially hard to understand, but I have my reasons, I assure you.)  If you continue to be confused, send me a PM and I'll happily explain things for you. ;) Thanks for reading, I'm sorry it's so confusing!
cheery4 posted a message to GrimReader
Hey! So I just finished your awake book! I want to give you some advice if that's ok :) 
I liked the plot. It's kind of hard to drag out two years though, which I understand. I liked how she went to the robbers, but I felt like there wasn't much of a connection between her and Ben. It was just kind of... There. Advice: add some foreshadowing! That makes books more fun to read and your writers guessing :) plus, add more things between the characters. Maybe more stories or things they experience together. :) tie up the loose ends, if you will :) 
The beginning was good. The middle seemed a little slow, but that's understandable. The end seemed a little fast. 
Maybe I'm just picky ;) lol
Anyway, that's my advice. Hope you keep writing! You're good at it :D