Hello people! So you've come to my page of me so shut up and listen me talk about me. So my name's Yvonne and I'm __. So uh I made this so I could read and write. I feel like my stories reflect my mood of the day. So if I'm mad you'll get an angry/dark chapter. But it's okay sometimes I make those happy too.
      My Likes:
      Fav Band: Panic!At the Disco... (many more)
      Fav TV Show: Many...
      Fav Movie: Spirited Away or Pitch Perfect, Lord of The Rings... 
      Fav Color: Yellow & Turquoise
      Things I Love:
      My Laptop
      Going Out
      Being Weird
      My Obsessions of the Month(June):
      New Girl
      The Fosters
      Comic Con
      DOCTOR WHO! <3
      Update Schedule:
      KK that's it for now I'll add more later. See Ya!
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