Some little facts about yours truly:

♥). First and foremost. I'm Jen. :)
♥). I love reading. Clearly, because I’m on this website.
♥). I've recently discovered that I enjoy writing.
♥). I’m working on my very first story and I’m a tad nervous so be gentle if it's a little unorganized and messy.
♥). I like cats. (Well I like most animals really, cats are just my main bitches)
♥). Food and sleep are my absolute best friends in the whole world.
♥). I'm young so don't judge me when I get weird. 

Sooo yep...that’s about it.

                                   Have a wondrous day.
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Description: Claire Sinault had always led a fucked up life. Jumping from one foster home to the next wasn’t ideal but she had always kept a good attitude about things. Claire was always a good kid, regardless of her life troubles. She always went to school, o...

DoTheseMatter commented on Tantalizing - Chapter 47

I have a feeling in my gut the next chapter will be heartbreaking. Actually no, judging from your authors note I'm definitely going to be heartbroken. But hey. Brynn will be right there with me. :'( 

Btw I'm extremely excited that you announced that there will be more than one book. Always excited for more books by you. :P 
(Just now realized I wrote two comments.. maybe in the third I'll get what I wanna say, out. xD)
DoTheseMatter commented on Tantalizing - Chapter 47

Okay. I love Cain dearly.. but seriously o_o what the actual fuck. This chapter killed me. I'm so sad now. It's really all Cain's fault but I'm gonna happily blame Natalia. Her timing is horrible and I hate her immensely. I just really hope Cain doesn't hurt any of Brynn's family. She really will hate him. Like no doubt in my mind there will be no forgiving that one. So choose wisely love. 

Great chapter, messing with my emotions though woman!!! :)
DoTheseMatter commented on Tantalizing - Chapter 46

God Natalia. Why must you always be there to screw things up. Just fucking fuck off already. Go die. Go fuck with Guy, no one likes him anyways. Seriously her character is pissing me off to no end. Trying to make Brynn second guess their relationship. Like bitch are you in 8th grade? Petty little whore. xD (so sorry for the language, Natalia is just so mother fucking annoying and frustrating.)

Anyways.. other than her. Great chapter. :) I feel so sad for Cain with what he's dealing with, with Yusuf. And Yusuf oh my god. I love him. Brynn is stuck between the two most perfect males ever. She's clearly chosen, yes. But.. BUT I still love Yusuf and it's not a pity vote either. xD Great chapter Sasa. I love how you can bring out the best and worst emotions in me just by writing. Amazing. :3
DoTheseMatter commented on Tantalizing - Chapter 45

Yusuf nooooo. As much as I'm rooting for Cain and Brynn, Yusuf needs her. I have a feeling this wont end pretty. Someone's either going to die or be left out in the cold.. or both. Why must this be so dramatic and sad! 

Go Brynn for not letting Natalia get in your head. That's the last thing that needs to happen, for that bitch to get what she wants by working over Brynn. Lol. Oh and go Yusuf for smashing Natalia against the glass.. I will admit I was cheering when he did that hahha. 
This was an amazing, sad, climaxy type chapter and I loved it. Have fun with your game even though I'm gonna miss this book lol. :)