Some little facts about yours truly:

♥). First and foremost. I'm Jen. :)
♥). I love reading. Clearly, because I’m on this website.
♥). I've recently discovered that I enjoy writing.
♥). I’m working on my very first story and I’m a tad nervous so be gentle if it's a little unorganized and messy.
♥). I like cats. (Well I like most animals really, cats are just my main bitches)
♥). Food and sleep are my absolute best friends in the whole world.
♥). I'm young so don't judge me when I get weird. 

Sooo yep...that’s about it.

                                   Have a wondrous day.
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Description: Claire Sinault had always led a fucked up life. Jumping from one foster home to the next wasn’t ideal but she had always kept a good attitude about things. Claire was always a good kid, regardless of her life troubles. She always went to school, o...

DoTheseMatter commented on Tantalizing - Chapter 50

@sasa_lee Ever since hearing it last night for the first time, I've had it stuck in my head and playing it over and over AND OVER again. xD All while seeing the vision of Yusuf emerging with Brynn in his arms from the dark forest.
The song is just pure bliss in my ears. Lol.
DoTheseMatter commented on Tantalizing - Chapter 50

Oh good God. You're killin' me Sasa. xD This chapter is so fucking epic I can't even. Yusuf is on top yet again. I love him.
 I'm gonna have to reread some of the previous chapters to see what's up with him but I have a theory. Hehe. I think Cole was the one that came to Yusuf and now Yusuf is magically a controlled rogue. I don't know for sure. Hell, I don't know anything for sure anymore in this book. xD 
This chapter killed me though. Yusuf.... orrrr Cain... like.. God! Why must you play with my feelings? Lol. 

Chapter well very well written. Freaking love it. :)
DoTheseMatter commented on Tantalizing - Chapter 49

I think the stranger is definitely her father. The crimson eyes, the flash of sudden anger then just as sudden, back to normal. He's the rogue that stayed under control. Unless there are more of them than just him. I'm scared for the next chapter just from what Brynn's mother spoke of but at the same time I'm jumping out of my skin excited. 

As for the name, I'm thinking Dimitri but that may be a tad soft for the dude. He needs a harsh name.. hmmm. Roderick? Ludovic? Lol I don't know. xD I'm terrible at names. Hope you get one for the scary as shit stranger!