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♥). First and foremost. I'm Jen. :)
♥). I loooooove reading. Clearly, because I’m on this crazy website.
♥). I've recently discovered that I enjoy writing.
♥). I’m working on my very first story and I’m a tad nervous so be gentle.
♥). I like cats. (Well I like most animals really, cats are just my main bitches)
♥). Food and sleep are my besties.
♥). I'm young so don't judge me when I get weird. 

              Sooo yep...that’s about it.

                                   Have a wondrous day.
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Description: Claire Sinault had always led a fucked up life. Jumping from one foster home to the next wasn’t ideal but she had always kept a good attitude about things. Claire was always a good kid, regardless of her life troubles. She always went to school, o...

Damn Kate. Damn Ronan. xD For one.. why on earth.. would he leave. He had to have known what she would think! Come on man, you cant do that to a lady especially one who means so much! Silly men. I swear. And Kate damn you for leaving. Have you not figured out yet that even though Ronan can be a bit.. overbearing, he keeps you safe. He saved your life for God's sake. xD These stubborn characters I tell ya. 

Loved the update. :) Can't wait for Danny and Ronan to meet and I have a feeling it's going to be soon. >:D
DoTheseMatter commented on Kaden #Wattys2014 - Chapter 26

@Roguene I think Kaden is definitely going to be the one to release the animal within her. Hehe. And I have an idea of how he might do that.. hehehe. ;)

The red moon will bring out the most primal side of everyone I believe. They will be as everyone envisions them. Just a thought. 

Haha needy boys always needing attention. ;) Kidding of course. Take your time. Thanks for the amazing chapter as always. :)
DoTheseMatter commented on Kaden #Wattys2014 - Chapter 26

Snap. I don't even know what to think of this. Elene neeeeeds to let something out but I don't know what that something is. I thought it was kinda funny that she was smelling his bloody hoodie like it was a meal. That made me laugh. xD I guess Sophia had good smelling blood? Lol. 

Can't wait to see what happens next. I can sense something bad is going to occur but I know the two will come out on top. >:D

Great chapter Synne. :) Don't work yourself too hard juggling all those things!