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♥). First and foremost. I'm Jen. :)
♥). I loooooove reading. Clearly, because I’m on this crazy website.
♥). I've recently discovered that I enjoy writing.
♥). I’m working on my very first story and I’m a tad nervous so be gentle.
♥). I like cats. (Well I like most animals really, cats are just my main bitches)
♥). Food and sleep are my besties.
♥). I'm young so don't judge me when I get weird. 

              Sooo yep...that’s about it.

                                   Have a wondrous day.
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Description: Claire Sinault had always led a fucked up life. Jumping from one foster home to the next wasn’t ideal but she had always kept a good attitude about things. Claire was always a good kid, regardless of her life troubles. She always went to school, o...


Ya know, I don't think you should change the ending of this chapter. The first time I read it, I was furious with Jason.. lol. I mean.. he was basically humiliating her but somehow her reaction and pleasure that she didn't want to show, changed my mind. I read it again to see what you were talking about, I payed attention to detail and it's not so bad. Yeah he's still a bit rough around the edges but I think they both have work to do, to get along. I wouldn't change it. Other's probably have different opinions but I think you should leave it, don't second guess yourself. You wrote it like this for a reason.


Oh sweet Jesus. Shit just got real up in here.. Dylan is a very, very mad papa bear now.. holy crap. I'm scared to read the next chapter.. O.O! For one... Jesus Christ Blake.. that makes him seem so damn traitorous even though it's not really his fault. Still makes it seem that way and I'm mad at him.. for not controlling his stupid mate. I strongly dislike Christy, I never really liked her that much beforehand but now it's like wow. I'm done with you girl! Lol. And I can't even explain how scared I am for Leila now. Phew.. she's in quite the pickle now isn't she. Poor Dylan. I feel for him also because he's rarely happy.. or you make him seem that way anyways, but on rare occasions where you have him talk about having a family he's so happy and excited about it. And she kept that from him.. she was dishonest and that makes me mad at her. So I guess she deserves his anger. Hmm. The next chapter should be quite interesting. :D I can't wait! Thanks for this very long and amazing chappie. It was HUGE in size and importance, so thanks. :)

“Birth control…” he said, his voice low and husky, “of course.”
The Alpha Meets His Match : Chapter 21

It's not at all. Not telling the other person is what's selfish and stupid.

“Birth control…” he said, his voice low and husky, “of course.”
The Alpha Meets His Match : Chapter 21

@forrestgump_ Even if it is hard for her to talk about, she should still talk to him about it. Countless times he's brought up the fact that he wants kids and she just kind of nods and smiles like "yeaaaaaah". It's a group decision, maybe he shouldn't have pushed it as much as he did but at the end of the day, I still think she should have told him. You're right though. The birth control thing isn't the big issue here, it's the dishonesty.


Cain, you're just too damn sexy.. I just can't even begin.. lol. I have a feeling that Isolde and Matthew's son is Blitz? Could be wrong. Don't know. Just a feeling, or maybe I just missed all the signs and he is for sure their son. Don't know.. anyways. Great chapter :) I can't get enough of Brynn and Cain though.. like damn. Phew! ;)