♦ My name is Danielle and I'm 18 years old. I live in the UK, and writing means a lot to me. I greatly appreciate all of the likes and comments I have received over the years ♦

All stories are my own, original work. Copyright © Danielle Paige
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This is a collection of all of my song lyrics. If I could sing, I would sing them, but as I can't, I'll...

Flames [Sequel to Wings]

Flames [Sequel to Wings]

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(Sequel to 'Wings' - Flames is book two of 'The Children of Calox' series.) After a long, violent battl...



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This is a collection of the poems that I have written. They cover a variety of topics. Please comment (o...



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Firstly, it was just the prisoners that were used. Then it became orphans, and even some of the elderl...

DizzyHurricane commented on Wings - Prologue

Oh, a lot of people have said that, so the first few people encouraged me to go and read it. I can see the similarities, but they are a happy coincidence :)
You write real well & like the same music as me! I just want to thank you for sharing your Children of Calox series. I wish I could write that well. My books always turn out award because I can't find the right words. Thank you again.
DizzyHurricane commented on Wings - Prologue

Hi! Thank you for your kind words.
      Yes, I'm more than happy for people to be inspired by my work, and as long as the plot/characters aren't copied, I have no problem with those who choose to produce their own works. 
      Please tag me when you're done. I'd love to see what you come up with :)
DizzyHurricane commented on Wings - Chapter 4

Sara could see the threat seeping through her words and frowned. She didn’t like being told what to do, even by her own mother, but she resisted the word to snap back at her. Instead she just nodded...
No, no. It's not her mother. She just didn't like being told what to do by her mother - that's all :)