My name is Nelo. Hi! :) Here's the basic things about me!

-Breaking Benjamin
-My Chemical Romance
-Rise Against
-Sick Puppies
-Cage The Elephant
-Mayday Parade
-10 years
-Puddle of Mudd
-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
-Foo Fighters
-Linkin Park
-Three Days Grace
-Evans Blue
-Papa Roach
-Nine Inch Nails
-The Fray

Video Games:
-Proud Call of Duty addict :)
-Resident Evil
-Mario games! The classics man, the classics!

-Black Cat
-Fullmetal Panic! Fumoffu
-Ouran host Club
-Blood +
-Fruit Basket
-Peach Girl
-Sailor Moon

Favorite Quotes:
-"Jesus is alive so hold tight, hold on to the promises." ~Sanctus Real 'Promises'~

-"I can do all things, through Christ who gives me strength. And I don't have to be,
strong enough." ~Matthew West 'Strong Enough'~

-"This life chose me, I'm not lost in sin. But proud I stand of who I am. I plan to go on living." ~Rise Against 'Make it Stop'~

-"You'll never learn to fly now 'til you're standing at the cliff. And you can't truly love until you've given up on it." ~Rise Against 'Satellite'~

-"Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful." ~Sixx:A.M 'Life Is Beautiful'~

-"Freedom isn't free." ~Rise Against 'Survivor's Guilt'~

-"Our days are precious and so few." ~Rise Against 'Re-education Through Labor'~

-"Pray for mercy, instead of time." ~Evans Blue 'The Tease'~

-"I'm gonna live today like it's my last day." ~Avril Lavigne 'Who Knows'~

-"Angels, lend me your might." ~Fuel 'Innocent'~

-"This is where I draw the line. This is where the old me dies." ~Disciple 'Draw The Line'~
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    In Zombieland kicking some serious zombie ass :]
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    5 years ago

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