well what can i say hmm i'm from Belgium 
i am blond and i will use it :p 

i love peanut butter and almost all that is sweet but most of all --> !!!ICE CREAM!!!!
i love animals in particular my horse Ravottie and my dog Zigo&Dakota
i love to read but i think that that much is i obvious
so i will stop and leave you to it   
but thanks for looking this way and please enjoy your day bye bye
    ()    ()
  (  * .  *  )
 (              )      <----This is bunny, 
(                )                copy and paste him onto you profile to help him achieve world                       domination
    “        ”

do it, do it, Do It!!! i dare you to Hha Hha Hha 
okay dont mind me i am blond hi hi 
(no offense to the other blond people i just use it)
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