Herro Cx
      I'm @LalalaCHEESE HELLO I'M LANEY!(:
      Her name's Grace!:D
      !She's 16 c:
      !She's TAKEN!
      !Straight but don't hate (:
      !SHE LOVE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      !Sometimes she get super excited for NO reason Dx
      !Sweetest girl you will EVER meet! Seriously(: She gives me GRAPEYS.
      !She has the fattest cat I have ever seen in my life(:
      !This is getting boring...
      ~Hey, I'm Gunnar
      ~I'm not a fucking pringle -_- I'M A UNICORN
      ~I fell in love with my first squirrel on Novermber 16, 2011
      ~I'm 16
      ~I like to sleep with a fat cat on my belly for warmth and comfort
      ~No one can replace my cat...
      ~My love for you..is stronger than my urge to fuck your bellybutton..
      ~Ain't that magical?
      Le familia❤
      @ShaeDaBlueberry Cutie patootie!❤ She's awesome in every way!
      @BringUsTheNoodles ZACH❤ My icery creamy buddy and my boyfriend(: NOAH❤ My horror movie best friend(:
      @UnicornsIshMahThing JAMIE❤ Sex sex sex! AIDEN❤ Lettuce dance in the rain C:
      Three Days GRACE (eh eh get it?! It's my name!)❤
      Pierce the Veil❤
      Blood On The Dancefloor❤
      And more!❤
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