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Name Stephen
Location In your bed ;)
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Hey sexy ladies and men ;) 

I see you've stumbled onto my page 

Okay so a few things about me

~ I love to party and have a good night
~ I love to surf! Its my passion yo
~ I've been hurt before so my heart is guarded. Not interested in relationships
~ Im 18! Im legal XD
~ I play the guitar, bitches love the guitar
~ I'm currently working on a time machine so that I can go back in time to the good days :)
~ Im sarcastic. Deal with it
~ I treat you the way you treat me 

My music:
~ Trance!
~ Blood on the dancefloor
~ Avenged Sevenfold
~Jack johnson
~ Bob Marley !
~ Brokencyde

 @iluvEDyuu <- This be my watty wife, she's amazing, I was her 100th fan :D
 @CeeBella <- She calls me Hunky ;) Go fan her NOW go, go ,go !
 @XxAloneInTheDarkxX <- This is my Watty Husband xD super cool guy and awesome to talk to :))
 @thereadyset419 <- She was my first fan :) we share the love of Led Zepplin :D
 @TeeganJ1998 <- She's my Teegers (Tigger) really funny and awesome girlie  ^^, we have a llama named Pedro 
 @HisBrokenAngel <- A really sweet girl, Please go talk to her and fan:) you wont regret it.
 @Running_in_heels <- This is Dory and she's really funny :P She calls me Simba :D Shes got good taste in music :) GO FAN! 
 @French_fries <~ She is INSANE to party with, shes my surfing buddy, my stomper and my best friend, I've wronged her and I messed up big time. Il always love you <3

 Go fan my lovelies go!

Peace fuckers!

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I like how the videos is of the guy thats playing Evan in this book :) Nice song too :) and good movie and a great book :)
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