I'm not gonna lie.

My life consists of failing... constantly.

I will never heighten my expectations to write overly amazing things. (Although I try)

Let's see how this goes

[Thank you to everyone who reads/comments/fans/adds etc, my stories and such.. I greatly appreciate it]



Chasing Suicide- Completed, and edited.

Going Straight and Failing - I'm having the same problem with this one as CS, it has many mistakes and I was younger when I started writing it so it will take a while before I get to it again, if I get to it at all.

Candy Hearts - Completed Fully, Edited fully. (Unless I notice a mistake later)

Serenade Me - Not much is proofread because I'm pretty much just writing this on my iPhone so there may be some spelling mistakes or a few grammar errors, but that's it. (This is a partially *NEW STORY* so read it if you want? Let me know what you think!)

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Chasing Suicide (BoyxBoy)

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Description: Jude's life goal is to make people happy. He finally gets his chance, but with Aster, the unsocial 17 year old that nobody wants to handle. Will he be able to save him from depression and worst of all, suicide?


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[ON HOLD]Going Straight and Failing. (BoyxBoy)

[ON HOLD]Going Straight and Failing. (BoyxBoy)

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[ON HOLD]What happens when you have a gay guy trying to turn straight, a bi guy pretending to be a girl...

Serenade Me (BoyxBoy)

Serenade Me (BoyxBoy)

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Candy Hearts (BoyxBoy)

Candy Hearts (BoyxBoy)

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BeyondMyBirthday commented on Chasing Suicide (BoyxBoy) - Epilogue

Well the only way I could explain it is I'm not sure how much you read but the whole time Jude is putting Aster's feelings above his own. And their actions, that's just how their characters personalities were written. I could explain all the choices they made as individuals and together but that would probably take forever haha.To answer your first question about it technically being illegal, yes in the real world I'm sure it's illegal, but in my fictional world I didn't make that an issue at all so I don't address whether it's legal or not. But thank you for reading what you did! And I know you weren't trying to be offensive, sorry if I seemed defensive lol
BeyondMyBirthday commented on Chasing Suicide (BoyxBoy) - Epilogue

Well Aster is a strong individual in general, and in this story the legality didn't matter because that wasn't something I bothered to set in stone. Even if I did make it illegal in the story, both of the characters never told anyone that could get them in trouble for it, and that was Jude's own choice and risk and Aster's own choice to go along with it. Not until they were done with the program did people know about their relationship so it was pretty much a secret. I guess it's like a fiction story where a boss dates his employee or teachers date their students.
BeyondMyBirthday commented on Chasing Suicide (BoyxBoy) - Chapter One♥

As he smiled, his forehead wrinkled up a bit. "You'll do fine. All you need to know is in that file." His old nimble hand reached down, and he tapped the yellow manilla folder that I held open. "You'...
Thanks for the help! This particular word was supposed to be Manila :) it's the type of folder he used. Although I shouldn't have put two L's lol.