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If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. ~ Toni Morrison

my name is becca
i love to write
im addicted to music
my song of the moment is anything by Imagine Dragons
crime dramas are my secret passion
i think nothing's better than a bowl of my daddy's chili and a glass of milkedy milk
my hermit crab's favorite band is toto
i like books more then people sometimes...they piss me off a lot less
i love me some Jesus
my government teacher looked like snooki
i want to punch anyone who talks with food in their mouths
i think peanut butter is a gift from God
i love love LOVE romances
i hate hate HATE crappy story lines
when i was little i decided i was going to marry all the backstreet boys...its still gonna happen :)
i believe that everyone is crazy, just some people hide it better
i spent my paycheck on well spent :)
my dog totally has a food baby!
i ABSOLUTELY adore pick up lines, the funnier, the better
im allergic to cherries
my favorite color is purple
im terrified of zombies
im a newly discovered gamer :)
i have a pet lizard named phillip
i secretly wish my name was bartholomew...just kidding...maybe :]
can you feel the love tonight?
im a terrible dancer
i have a pocket knife in my purse
i think wal-mart is a gift from God
i have a duck in my purse
i am in love with jake gyllenhaal
the sun makes me sneeze

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Cats Love Fish

Cats Love Fish

17 parts / 43 pages, updated Feb 06, 2014PG-13
"He grabbed my hand and flattened it against his chest. His eyes sparkling, he leaned in close until our faces were inches apart, 'I’m full of surprises Kitty.' He murmu... read more
62,303 reads votes 1,032 comments 260


5 parts / 11 pages, updated Dec 05, 2013R
"I was never one for scary stories," I whispered, my hands meeting the brick wall behind me as my retreat was cut short. He chuckled darkly, taking a step closer, eyes ... read more
101 reads votes 10 comments 0
Summer: A Collection of Shorts

Summer: A Collection of Shorts

10 parts / 20 pages, updated Mar 20, 2013
A collection of scary, romantic, funny, weird, quirky, and whatever other kinds of stories I can pull out of my ass. All for your entertainment! Enjoy :)
235 reads votes 16 comments 1
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aww thank you! You are the kind of person I write for :)
Cats Love Fish

You made my night!
Cats Love Fish

You just made my night :)
Cats Love Fish

I seriously love your writings! I don't think there is a single one I don't like. Are you planning on finishing all of them? Because that would be...
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