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Description: Kayla's the average geeky teen just trying to make through high school avoiding bullies. But when she begins to learn the secrets to popularity, will she risk her two best friends to have 100 of them...?

BellaRox commented on After 2 - Chapter 110

When I step off of the elevator, I spot Trevor's black hair near the door. He is wearing black dress pants and a cream sweater. It reminds me of something Noah would wear. I take a second to admire h...
Nonononono! :( Hessa Forever! Trevor is creepy
BellaRox commented on After - Chapter 59.

"Thank you again for helping me with the internship. It means so much to me." I tell him.
But harry said that he doesn't want hus dad to help her! Crap! They're so going to fight again!
BellaRox commented on After - Chapter 55.

"Noah, I said you should go." I repeat. I hear Harry and Noah both suck in a sharp breath. Relief washes over Harry and I reach for his hands, threading my small fingers through his trembling ones.
OMG!!!!! I literally just got up and started jumping up and down as soon as I read this!!! 
BellaRox commented on After - Chapter 51.

"Really? That would be so kind of you! I really appreciate it." I tell him and reach my hand back under the table to find Harry's but he quickly moves his hand away. Well, his affections didn't last...
Why the hell did you let go of his hand???
BellaRox commented on After - Chapter 49.

"I can't believe he stayed here, that is a huge deal. Like Harry doesn't just stay places, ever. And he never lets anyone stay with him. I heard he has nightmares or something. I don't know, but seri...
All the #rr are scaring me! What's wrong with Steph? I think she's a good friend although she's probably got a thing for Harry!
BellaRox commented on After - Chapter 49.

I am flustered, my emotions are in overdrive. I just spent the night and most of the afternoon with Harry and we got along, mostly. It was actually fun, a lot of fun and I'm sad that it ended. Why ca...
Stop thinking about Noah! Just dump him already!
BellaRox commented on After - Chapter 41.

"Don't thank me, Harry may be my friend but you are my friend too and I don't want him upsetting you. I am sorry, this is all my fault. If I wouldn't have let him come around you all the time. He can...
He's sooo not a dick! I love him!