My name's Bella and I'm 14 years old. I am english but I live in Barcelona. I've always loved reading and ever since I found out about Wattpad I've always wanted to write my own novel. I don't know why it took me so long to start. 
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Fool me Once

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Description: Becca, a teenage girl, starts at a new school . There, midst the boring school life, she learns something unbelievable...the truth. Will she be able to keep up with everything? Will she go on normally, as if nothing happened?

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When I step off of the elevator, I spot Trevor's black hair near the door. He is wearing black dress pants and a cream sweater. It reminds me of something Noah would wear. I take a second to admire h...
Nonononono! :( Hessa Forever! Trevor is creepy
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"Thank you again for helping me with the internship. It means so much to me." I tell him.
But harry said that he doesn't want hus dad to help her! Crap! They're so going to fight again!