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Name MaKenna the human
Location Reading with the drugy cat! (as shown on profile picture!)
Birthday May 11
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I'm MaKenna.  Welcome to the page!

I Obviously love reading :P
While trying to say this rather short and sweet - I spend lots of time following many a youtubers life!
IM LEFT HANDED, just getting that out there.
please, tommy, please
(please refrain from being shuck faced little shucks)
i also invented water
I hope you got those book references 
The zoo pals:
   /)ii/)          ><(((*> ><(((*>
(O ''  )                   ><(((*>   ><(((*>
  l    l             ><(((*>   ><(((*>   
=[  l   l_______``ll                      
  l  @        @    l                         ______
  l       @        @l     (\(\       ^..^              \3  
  l @__@___   l     ( -.-)     (oo)______  /
  ll  ll            ll  ll    o_('')'')         vvv vv
  ll  ll            ll  ll

 (   ( )   )   
  _| |__
[__   __] Post this on your profile
   |   |     if you are a Christian and PROUD! 
   |   |
   |   |

 If you want to talk just dm me! I love new people so chat me up!  THATS ALL FOLKS!


See the Light

See the Light

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Hallie has always been the mis-fit only having one friend in total. As her life go's on she's finding it harder to make it through each day. With her new found drama, hatred, and love will she see the light...or not.
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3 parts / 4 pages, updated Jan 27, 2013
Emily, Jacob, and Shamus are abandond by there parents. After a heart renching day of loosing all this and pretty much every thing else special to them in their lives, the last ... read more
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BeboCake's Reading ListFavoritesread laterFinished but too good to leave the list!:DPpl who told me to read their storys on my story:)found from a trailer

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this is really good!! Sad though :(
In 27 Days (Watty Award Win...

Great Book!! Good job! Keep writing:))
Blooming Iris

I shall try my very best! (puts warrior face on)

Upload soon!!!!!!!!!!
Blooming Iris

pshhhhhh she isn't going anywhere!
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