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Hmm..About me...

Color: black
Music: reggae
Rapper: Drake
Singers: Drake & Bob Marley
Tv show: Teen wolf, The Inbetweeners, Awkward
Movie: anything comedy, action, or horror
Soda: Pepsi!
Actors: Tylor Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O'Brien, Taylor Lautner,Drake

Well I'm totally crazy most of the time. I can act totally stupid and embarrass myself  especially if you give me chocolate chip cookies..;)
I can be really clumsy and I'm one of those people that totally would most likely embarrass themselves in front of someone sexy and famous... Like taylor lautner...*sighs dreamily*

I LOVE LOVE LOVE SPONGEBOB! I grew up with the little guy and I will never be too old to love him! EVER!

I am totally in love with the Hunger Games series (Team Gale)
I love to fantasize that's why I write. I only really write for fun so I may not post any stories up for the Watty Awards.

I am a Christian-Methodist to be exact. If anyone has any problems, I am all ears.

I luv wild animals! Lions snakes tigers rabid bunnies and a Big Foot on rampage. 

I am afraid of the dark. I will admit that, and my biggest fear is Chucky that killer doll. *shudders in disgust* I have been afraid of him since I was 4!! 

I am totally obsessed with Teen Wolf...I totally recommend you watch it

I love action, horror, and comedy movies. I love Tyler Perry's Madea movies.Always have always will.

Life's greatest excorsize?
Laughing! I absolutely love it!


My failures:

-tried to cut the grass with scissors
-tried to use sharpie inc as nail polish 
-tried to block out taste of nasty foods by covering my tongue in plastic wrap
-tried to make my own crackle by chipping at my polished nails
-tried to make my own punching bag by duct taping rope to a ceiling and tying a pillow to the other end
-tried to make a violin out of card board and plastic string and tape, and a branch and some doll hair for the bow.

God bless!

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