I'm an insomniac with an addiction to anything caffeinated, an overactive imagination and a very short attention span.

I've got huge crushes on Ashley Greene and Tyler Bachtel (If you don’t know who he is take a gander at my background image… Isn't he just delicious? :P)

Yes, I am Bi and no, I will not have a threesome with you and your girlfriend. So stop asking, Mac.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” -Mae West

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My Two Best Friends

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Description: (Cover by: KaraRobinson) (Warning: Sexual Content) “You know the truth now, Olivia.” Thane's voice was grave, the cool mask he always wore back in place. “There's just one question, Liv.” Adrian started but they both finished the statemen...

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The Alpha's Rejection: I Rejected The Alpha (On Hold)

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“And bears,” Luca happily added, either completely oblivious to the tension in the air or ignoring it entirely.
Honestly, the comment wasn't really made to be taken seriously. It was just made to kind of distract Samara in the best way that Cullen and Luca knew how. I guess, in a way it was kind of meant to be stupid. However, it'd be unrealistic of me to think that everyone is going to like everything I write and put into the story. So, no offense taken. :)
NaughtyRosie posted a message to AshleyV
I have been on here since 2012 with y first account before I created this one. You are a really great author and I enjoy your work. I hope you are able to update more often once your computer gets fixed. You have a lot of bad luck with technology from what ive noticed. hope to see an update soon. It feels like its been forever. ;)
ItsJustAYoyo posted a message to AshleyV
omg do you know when he alphas rejection will be off hold?? I've been searching for a book like this forever and yours is so well written and just amazing I just need an estimated time pleaseee
So, I just figured I'd give you all a warning. My Gram is back in the hospital. The doc's not entirely sure what's wrong, but she may end up having to have a pacemaker and until I find out for sure what's going on, how bad it is, and everything I won't be writing.