The Boy Next Door

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AshleyV By AshleyV Updated 5 months ago
(Cover by: lverlaine) (Warning: Sexual Content) Samara Lane has lusted after her neighbor since the day he moved in directly next door. He's quiet, gorgeous, and dangerously close to worming his way into her heart with just the few smiles he'd given her. And he seems to be the only one that isn't aware of the incident that ended with her father's death two years ago. After just one date with Colton Frost, though, Samara becomes suddenly aware that he may just be more man than she could ever hope to handle. But when secrets are revealed and the lies surrounding her start to unravel, Samara could lose not only her heart but her life, as well.
Username413 Username413 3 months ago
Awesome!!! U don't c a lot of these kinds of books on wattpad often
shakiraBeliebers shakiraBeliebers 4 months ago
@quietlynawty  that was a good dream now someone going to die
MellyAnahi MellyAnahi 4 months ago
I had a feeling this was a dream lol either that or her imagination =^•^=
darktigerlily darktigerlily 5 months ago
It's no fun when you're cock blocked in your dreams, especially when your baby brother burst in your room on Saturday morning talking about cartoons duh!!!!!
CaitlynFord CaitlynFord 8 months ago
I actually really love this book. You're an amazing writer, and very eloquent in the way you write. You describe everything in perfect detail, and your characters have so much depth.
quietlynawty quietlynawty 8 months ago
Well damn i sure would be pissed if someone disturded my my dreams...especially the good kind. #runforyourlife lol