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Hey Watties, if you're actually reading this then it means you've visited my profile (more like my online habitat) so yea big thanks for actually sparing some time from your busy schedules and I know you all are so busy with school, work, kiddies, books, puppies, parrots, penguins....I'm babbling now aren't I..

the name's RAFEENA.............i just stretched my hand to you for a shake........shake it peeps...i don't have cooties.

Muslim....right, left, back, front, get it I'm a Muslim and damn proud..

Love to read, more like an insane addiction........honestly I'm worst than alcoholics...blah whatever

ADRENALINE stemmed from my quite erratic behavior when I get high on sugar......if i gotta jump off BURJ KHALIFA for sakes I might catch a fit before I actually do it..

My best friend is its not a human or a puppy...its a plastic container filled with chocolate greatness...yummy

I'm not warped minded I just have a sexy imagination...yeah yeah I've actually passed through the likes of Fifty Shades of it with one eye closed...for my level tats not just R RATED more like Infinity R RATED....*shudders* but hey I still like Christian Grey 

I like things that go BOO in the

One Direction for the cuties and The Wanted for the hotties

Sean O'pry and David Gandy......if you don't know who they are.... too bad I do haha

Enrique Iglesias: I get to listen to great music and see some fine male for me..ohh and got me hooked on some espanol....

Hasta Luego...Baby! Wait that was terminator......ohh I got it

Baby I'm addicted!

Oh I wholeheartedly believe we're all Muggles! *winks*
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