Status: HA! i'm back? is that even a good news? does any care? naaa just wanted to share that i'm still alive! ahahaha HIIII! :) (5 months ago)


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Uuuuh.......I don't know how to start but first Hiiiii! :) ,Okay now "Felisha" is not my real name I changed it to Felisha cause idk why but i'm not a real fan of my real name -_- Meeeeh. I'm 15, Asian, I'm currently on my 2nd yr. on college, I wear this really geeky glasses O.O, I have a long black hair, I LOVE eating, I hate scary movies, I'm normally shy at first but once you get to know i'm really talkative and weird :)

~♥♥Random Things I love♥♥~
>Johnny Depp  ♥*o*♥
>One Direction
>Taylor Swift
>Ian Somerhalder *o*
>Paul Wesley *o*
>Nina Dobrev
>Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike) *o*
>Ashley Benson
>Lily Collins
>Chloe Moretz

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out"- Dr. Seuss
"People will hate you, rate you, break you and shake you. How strong you stand is what will make you."
"When it feels WRONG It's always more FUN" - Illegal My Ass ♥ 

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