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Adam Alexander Haviaras is a writer of historical fiction/fantasy, trained as an historian and archaeologist. Adam has always loved the past, stories of ancient peoples and places. Believing that places are portals to the past he likes nothing more than walking the ground of an ancient site, taking in the details and facts and then letting his imagination take over. 

Adam has studied ancient and medieval history and archaeology, and creative writing since 1991 and obtained an Honours B.A. from the University of Toronto, and a Masters from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. His studies have focussed on ancient and medieval warfare with a very special interest in Arthurian studies.

Adam's first novel set in the Roman Empire, Children of Apollo (Book I of the Eagles and Dragons series) is available in paperback and e-book from Amazon and Smashwords. Book II of the Eagles and Dragons series, Killing the Hydra, will be released at the beginning of 2014. 

Visit the Eagles and Dragons Facebook page or go to www.writingthepastblog.blogspot.ca for regular updates and posts on the ancient world.


Children of Apollo - Eagles and Dragons Book I

Children of Apollo - Eagles and Dragons Book I

5 parts / 15 pages, updated Dec 15, 2013PG-13Video
At the peak of Rome’s might a dragon is born among eagles, an heir to a line both blessed and cursed by the Gods for ages. Lucius Metellus A... read more
61 reads votes 0 comments 0


8 pages, updated Jun 24, 2012Completed
Theoi is a tale of the death of a god, two brothers, and a seemingly impossible quest. Ion and Thalos have never met their father, Poseidon, but when the unthinkable happens, the go... read more
98 reads votes 0 comments 2
NEX (or, the Warrior Named for Death)

NEX (or, the Warrior Named for Death)

9 pages, updated Apr 03, 2012Completed
NEX is a short story about an Argive warrior returning from the Trojan War. On his way home, he meets a young boy who is being tormented by others in hi... read more
125 reads votes 1 comments 0
The Sea Released

The Sea Released

15 pages, updated Mar 01, 2012Completed
Antoine Marcus has been writing about the gods of ancient Greece for years but he never thought that he would actually meet any of them. While on holiday in Greece, that ... read more
85 reads votes 1 comments 0

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