Mark Leslie is a writer, bookseller, self-pub and POD advocate and book nerd.

Mark started "seriously" writing at the age of 13, spending the summer banging out an epic fantasy adventure on his mother's Underwood typewriter. That was the first of many excellent "learning experiences" that helped him grow and learn as a writer. 

His first published short story was a YA humour tale that appeared in a small press magazine in 1992. Mark's first horror story "Phantom Mitch" appeared in Wicked Mystic magazine in October 1993 and went on to receive honourable mention in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror #7.

Since that time, Mark has had dozens of stories (mostly "Twilight Zone" styled quiet horror tales) appear in magazines and anthologies.

In 2004, Mark compiled a collection of previously published stories and self-published them in the book ONE HAND SCREAMING, which is available in print and eBook.  This self-publishing venture was done to address the request from people to be able to read Mark's writing somewhere (since many of the stories he had published were only in print for 3 months to 1 year).

Mark also edited the sci-fi anthology NORTH OF INFINITY II (2006), the horror anthology CAMPUS CHILLS (2009) and the speculative fiction anthology TESSERACTS SIXTEEN: Parnassus Unbound (2012).

In 2012 Mark's first book of non-fiction called HAUNTED HAMILTON: The Ghosts of Dundurn Castle & Other Steeltown Shivers (Aug 2012) and followed that up the fall of 2013 with SPOOKY SUDBURY: True Tales of the Eerie & Unexplained (co-authored with Jenny Jelen). 2014 will see a third non-fiction paranormal book called TOMES OF TERROR.

Mark's novel, I, DEATH will be coming in late 2014 from Atomic Fez.

You can read more about Mark at http://www.markleslie.ca and also sign up for his newsletter there.

Check out Mark's eBooks on Kobo at http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/Collection/mark-leslie-1

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Tomes of Terror: Haunted Bookstores & Libraries

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Mark_Leslie commented on Evasion - End Note From Author

Thanks for the feedback - glad you enjoyed parts of it and the fact the novel (sans flashbacks) takes place in the spam of just a few hours. I felt the flashbacks were necessary in order to begin to build some of the back story that supports what Scott eventually learns about his father, and yes, to purposely tease the reader who wants to get back to the present day action. Yeah, the end seemed to slam shut pretty quickly. I've made additional post-edit revisions in the "for sale" versions but will admit I haven't been as diligent going back through this free version and tidying them up. Some day soon . . .
Mark_Leslie commented on Who I Am - Compartments

It's funny to read this now after some recent conversations I've had with a few friends - I realized that I had continued to subtly define myself the same way today as I had when I was 16 and 17 and awkward and a giant nerd who couldn't get a date. Some things that were thrust upon you in high school are things you may never properly grow out of, even decades later. But your words of advice are solid and important. Looking at other people as PEOPLE rather than the compartments can really help. Thanks for sharing.