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This is a joint account by: @mr_suspenders & @xSummerParadise

Anyone who fans us is immediately called a PandaBear. :) We are 1D loving Panda Family. 
Pandas are awesome and so is One Direction.

Hai! Nikki here! I just wanted to let you guys all know why Liz and I made this account. Besides the fact that we both enjoy writing stories, this is just a simple thank you from us to you. Our goal here is not to reach a certain number of fans/votes/reads/comments. It's to bring both of our fans together into a one big Panda loving family. Because each and every person who dedicates their time to us, is a blessing from God. Thank you so much -Nikki :)

We really appreciate everything you do for us. It doesn't matter how many of you, we love you all to bits and pieces. If you need any advice or anything, we're here to help you! You guys put smiles on our faces everyday and you're one of the main reasons we get up in the morning ;) We love you guys so much and thank you for EVERYTHING you've done for us. You guys are amazing, and please don't let anyone tell you different! If somebody disagrees on your awesomeness, they are not relevant ;) - Lizzie♥

HAI LIZ!! Oh my butter-socks I just hacked our profile. Well you can't really call it hacking cause I know the password. x) Oh well, my attempt was a fail -Nikki :) 6/15/12

HAII! :D Ahaha. I just saw this. One of your many fails ;) But I think it's cute! I'm uploading the 1st chapter now. Leggo! Hehe. That was my lame attempt at a Chris Brown slang. That is all. -Lizzie Xx 6/16/12

Was It Just A Summer Fling? Updates:
6/20/12- Fan Fiction #40
6/19/12- Romance #462


Was It Just A Summer Fling? (One DIrection)

Was It Just A Summer Fling? (One DIrection)

8 parts / 31 pages, updated Sep 28, 2012PG-13VideoPictures
Elizabeth Teasdale and Nicolette White are two teenage girls living the life, of well.. teenage girls! But unlike most teens these days, Elizabeth... read more
46,701 reads votes 675 comments 195

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