Being Saved By The Alpha

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Kiara By kiara23 Completed
I thought I was six. I wasn't. I thought my parents were coming back to find me. They weren't. I couldn't remember my name. I didn't know who I was. I didn't know where I was. I didn't know or remember anything. 
    Until one night.
    I didn't do anything wrong, but they seem to think I did. They wanted to kill me. They still do.
    I was saved that night. I was saved by the him, the Alpha, who didn't know a thing about me. And ever since then, he has been the one who saved me.
    But nothing he can do will save me from them. The rogues.
    For some reason they want me, and no amount of protection will save me from them. They want me dead, and nothing will stop them from getting what they want.
    Except him. 
    And he doesn't even know it.
I can almost see a six year old saying "mummy is not going to like this" :)
Sorry for the  random question... But do she-wolves have their periods?
I had a stuff toy with blue ears and eyes. And greay and white fur
I played this 'game' with my sister when she was younger. It doesn't work anymore... I miss the silence
Lol silent games. U play them at the dinner table too.. Haha ahhh the silence!
My parentd tried this one on me. But I was way too clever for them.
                                    Kidding, they'd get rid of me for hours and I'd be hiding in the exact same spot each time : in my closet. My parents are crual