Mystery Babies (Compleated!)

In new moon when Edward leaves Bella. The cullens are in England, When the door bell ring Carlisle answers it. There in baskets are five little babies. Strangely they look like the Cullens, How will they cope? how will edward cope looking after a baby after he left Bella. Read to find out.
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So where did the baby come from who had them??? Just wonderin I readin the story now
Bella's POV Bella's POV! Oh She should be a Vampire! :p

Or like a Hybrid! Some how? LoL! Vampire Hybrids are awesome!
Is Bella gonna come into the story or is it just the Cullens & their Baby Dopplegangers?
I've just started reading this and it's amazing and detailed, please update as soon as possible
Love it :) Can't wait for the next chapter :) I am so curious to find out what's going to happen :)
Kindly upload. :D I wish Bella has a baby that looks like Edward. then they will meet sometime. :d

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