Psychotic Rambling

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forever_capturing By forever_capturing Updated 2 years ago
Ace Rivers is an orphaned billionaire who is currently living with a family friend. But her life is far more complicated then that... From busting out of hospitals to being blackmailed via tiny dice toy, this girl is not gonna be resting anytime soon. On top of that a small crush is developing as something magical and dark is very slowly... and I mean VERY slowly rising in the air.
This is the story of mildly psychotic teenager.
S12340 S12340 2 years ago
good start, me like, u can so tell its written by a weirdo like u but.. a cool weirdo ad also my weirdo lol
AsraaLautner AsraaLautner 3 years ago
wow, i would never expect that much readers.. btw loving it so far areeba good job ;)
Kozzy_BB Kozzy_BB 3 years ago
Heyy Areeba I'ts kozzy lovin ur book i voted for every single chapter lol upload soon kay!
ass_kicker123 ass_kicker123 3 years ago
THIS CHAPTER IS SO WICKED and sad ≧◡≦  xox xox xox  ᵔ.ᵔ
ass_kicker123 ass_kicker123 3 years ago
WOW i love this buk iv only jus red a cupl of lines but so far so good i mean WOOWW n Eman SHUT PandaaX3 is rite u cudnt rite a book nearly as good as that!!!LOLLL!!!!!!!!!