Exo Imagines

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Sophie Cross By KpopForeverInMyHeart Updated 2 months ago
A collection of imagines for the amazing Kpop group EXO. Ranging from cute and romantic ones to dirty and angst.   If you would like to request comment anytime :) I love writing for you guys!   Please remember, if I ever find out my imagines have been taken and used without you giving me credit, drastic actions WILL be taken! I don't take theft lightly and have had my words stolen before as will not put up with a repeat.   For all you reading this! I have my own fan club name! Your all my 'EXOvisioners!! :D   Please COMMENT, VOTE, REQUEST, but most importantly... ENJOY!!!
Can I please have a romantic one with Kai?? And can you please include his dancing in their somehow? Thank you!!
can you pls make me a romantic imagine with D.O. thanks so much and love finding another kpop and exo lover on wattpad :)
could you make a childish suho who love too much but he also cannot deny his desire on me?? hehehe
Is it okay if you can make cute/aegyo/jealous/romantic Luhan? ^^ Thank you!
please can I have a Xiumin and Sehun imagine, Xiumin is my older brother and Sehun is my secret boyfriend. Xiumin finds out and gets mad at the both of but he's more at me. than a couple days pass and he realize's that Sehun makes me happy. please and thank you.
Hi unnie! I was wondering if I could get a cute/romantic Suho imagine? Thank you!!! c: