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A collection of imagines for the amazing Kpop group EXO. Ranging from cute and romantic ones to dirty and angst. If you would like to request comment anytime :) I love writing for you guys! Please remember, if I ever find out my imagines have been taken and used without you giving me credit, drastic actions WILL be taken! I don't take theft lightly and have had my words stolen before as will not put up with a repeat. For all you reading this! I have my own fan club name! Your all my 'EXOvisioners!! :D Please COMMENT, VOTE, REQUEST, but most importantly... ENJOY!!!
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Can i request Tao is my is my lover and Kris want me to be his girlfriend.

Romantic and Drama
Can I have a dirty Suho imagine? Do as dirty as you want really I don't mind. Cause this request is from my bestie. Thanks!
Could you please write one about Suho, and make it dirty but at the same time mythical?? Thank You!!!
Hi! Can I make a request ? My bias is luhan and girls name is Victoria . can you make it dirty ? :# I'm so embarrassed >.<
hi :)
Sehun and Luhan please??
genre is dirty/threesome
thank you
my name is Krizzia
Oh my god ,!!! The multimedia!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA I JUST CAN'T AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHA ” dead laughing” XD

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