Healing me (Jacob imprint story)

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Snow white By Snow white Updated 2 years ago
After Edward left Bella did get over him and became closer to Jacob. Jacob becomes a wolf and imprints on Bella, how would there relationship go from there? Rubbish at these but please read!
I agree that in the movie Bella and Jake should have been together in the movie!!! :D
I flipin love this book. I always wanted to see how it would be if they got together
while i wait 4 updates i'm just reading the story again and again!
I'm reading the whole story over again while I wait for updates. Please please please update asap
*scream* TEAM JACOB. finally someone who understands me!!
Love the story new fan u left me on a cliff hanger comnnnmnnnnnn upload hope I wasn't pushy Rlly into the story go team Jacob:$$$))$$$))))