Within These Walls

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Hope By Hope Completed
The last thing seventeen-year-old April Parker expects is to wake up locked inside a facility with dozens of other teenagers. There are no signs of their kidnappers, and no one to tell them what’s going on. At first, the kids form friendships and create alliances to survive. But challenges arise when some of the stronger teens fight for control and power. And the weaker ones—like April and her new friends—are caught in the middle of a deadly war.

As conditions become even more stressful and the teens’ endurance is put to the test, stranger things start to happen. Supernatural things. Dangerous things. And no one is coming to save them.
I consider myself very lucky when I come across something this well written. Voted!
I had a project on the Stanford experiment in my psychology class I think this book really gives me a good understanding even if the some of the story plot had been changed
One of my favorite stories of all time :-)  it's nostalgic reading it again. I love everything about this story!
Such a good book i'm going to read this again!!!  it'll be my 5th time reading it
the maze runner is a book too. it was published quite a while ago. (not accusing her of stealing the idea, i know she didn't)
Nice starter chapter, Good job on pulling readers in and introducing the characters pretty well c: