Within These Walls

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Hope By Hope-Adon Completed
The last thing seventeen-year-old April Parker expects is to wake up locked inside a facility with dozens of other teenagers. There are no signs of their kidnappers, and no one to tell them what’s going on. At first, the kids form friendships and create alliances to survive. But challenges arise when some of the stronger teens fight for control and power. And the weaker ones—like April and her new friends—are caught in the middle of a deadly war.
    As conditions become even more stressful and the teens’ endurance is put to the test, stranger things start to happen. Supernatural things. Dangerous things. And no one is coming to save them.
I thought there was five people there not six. I read this chapter like ten time and every time I counted five. I can explain:
                                    1. April
                                    2. Marcus
                                    3. Alec
                                    4. Baxter 
                                    5. April's roommate
Yes , seems to have had a boo boo with the tenses. Easy fix!
I really like this. I just can't stop reading. Please also check out my stories I am working on. Mainly The Dark Rises.
Rude much im a blonde and I'm not even that rude my daddy taught me to be a nice one so yeah
you satisfying people like they have a disease...  please go sit down because. once we. became. within these. walls I'm the only person you got check yourself
Yes, I love psychology and sociology too...I love the fact that you gained inspiration from the Stanford experiment. How about the Milgram experiment? ;)