Slave to the Geek

Rori Everhart is your typical nerd, with your typical glasses and typical grades. If you looked up the definition of Nobody in the dictionary you'd find a picture of Rori in her thick black framed glasses staring back at you. But everything is certainly not what it seems. Rori wants everyone to assume that she is nothing but a nobody. She comes from a beyond wealthy family and she most definitely isn't a nerd, but no one can know that, not if she ever wants to have a normal life. Alexander Clarke is the definition of Bad Ass with his leather jacket and motorcycle. He is hot, wild, and rebellious. He is what every girl wants to date but not marry. Of course behind the jerk attitude is a boy who is hard working and sweet. After his father's death Alex's family is left with a huge debt to the Everharts and Alex has to work every day to pay it off. So what happens when Alex becomes Rori's personal servant and finds out about all her dirty little secrets? Will all hell break loose? What will happen when those two are thrown together in the most compromising situations? Will they get over their differences and work together or is pride too big to over come? Maybe it will be just plain awkward? Find out in Slave to the Geek.
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I find it hard to believe that she's a nerd. I'd probably be wearing my hoodie and jeans.
Gale? Well that's an ugly name for a girl, unless...unless SHES CHANGED HER GENDER! Well damn
Oh... I live in a 2 bedroom apartment but 3 people live here... About to be 4... This neighborhood is probably smaller than that house...
Five jobs may seem impossible but maybe on the days she's off from one of her jobs maybe that's when she works her other jobs... idk its just a theory.
Anyone else think it's funny how she's watching a cop show when she steals? I'm just sayin...
why r ppl obsessed Wiv British accents they're not that great and this is coming from someone from Britain

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