Annabel has always followed her instinct. When it told her to street fight, she dived head on. When it told her to go to university, no questions were asked. Heck, if it told her to bake cookies, she got up from what she was doing and made sure there was enough for all. But when her bosses sons walk into her office, for the first time in her life she ignores it, slapping the gorgeous men with the same label she did for every other man. 
    But Ryder and Hunter determined to make her see that they are different, special. Will she let them into her bed and ultimately, her heart? Or will she ignore her instincts and let them slip away?
he wants ta  li li  li lick her from her head to her toes!!!!
She reminds me of Robin hood, even thought he was stealing and she 's fighting they both do it for good
wonder what his dad told him hmmmmmm? will have to keep reading to find then .
That is so me when I'm trying not to eavesdrop on someone conversation.
@misswinehouse You never know... * says in a sing song voice*
oh gosh what if his dads retiring and is going to give the company to his sons??