War of the Sexes

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Kissmyoops3 By Kissmyoops3 Updated 3 years ago
When Ellie and her friends pull a prank that goes horribly wrong, Ellie finds herself in a position to which no one had imagined. She had been frozen in time for nearly 500 years, finally thawed it in a world of split sexes. Desperate for any way back to her old world, she meets two boys who agree to take her to the "Nerd" as he's known on the Boy's World. Hatred and chemistry start to tango as the journey begins to see if Ellie can ever return home.
BLAZE9223 BLAZE9223 3 months ago
Ok I just have to say you are such a talented writer I would have never came up with some of the things u did like when you said "the dam broke and I let my tears out" that was an amazing analogy and I wanted to say ur plot is amazing!!! Luv ya
Lucky_Andy21 Lucky_Andy21 4 months ago
Warning! This is a nice novel but the ending will make you dislike it! Just saying
_loveme_iknowyoudo_ _loveme_iknowyoudo_ 5 months ago
thats pretty cool. XD i would probably be one of the people making those pods though.
makyamurray makyamurray 8 months ago
I really like this book, but there's a few grammar mistakes.,
McPiggles McPiggles 9 months ago
The whole starting a new paragraph in the middle of a sentence bugs me, but your writing is fabulous!
voguexo voguexo 10 months ago
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