Chaos and drama shall ensue when Tony Stark [Iron Man] decides it will be a brilliant idea to start a chatroom for the Avengers to us. New original characters shall be added. Only read if you ship Clintasha. When I first began this I only intended for it to be a few parts long so if it is rather strange and the beginning I apologize! I stink at descriptions. ***THIS IS A CLEAN FAN FICTION THERE IS NO CUSSING OR ADULT THINGS***
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I love the name Clintasha, but Blackhawk sounds WAY more badass. Anyone agree? (Blackwidow, hawkeye, OMG THE BEST)
u do know u end up as a zombie  after eating that right? and I read about this in a  fanfic or something
Who in their right minds WOULDNT ship Clintasha!?!?!?!?! CLINTASHA ALL THE WAY!!!!! AND MALEC ALL THE WAY!!!!
the answer to every question ever known to humanity lies within this fanfic... "this thing"
Funny! And can I say a big fat enormous THANK YOU! for not cussing or dirtyness in this becasue... omg the horrors I have read...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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