Chaos and drama shall ensue when Tony Stark [Iron Man] decides it will be a brilliant idea to start a chatroom for the Avengers to us. New original characters shall be added. Only read if you ship Clintasha. When I first began this I only intended for it to be a few parts long so if it is rather strange and the beginning I apologize! I stink at descriptions. ***THIS IS A CLEAN FAN FICTION THERE IS NO CUSSING OR ADULT THINGS***
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hahah i sooo love Thor! Fawk it! BEHOLD I AM SMILING WITH YOU THOR! ;) and dying of laughing X)

Put this on your status if you are a member of Loki's army
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Thor is killing me!! I can't, I just can't!!! This way to epic!! I don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight
Funny! And can I say a big fat enormous THANK YOU! for not cussing or dirtyness in this becasue... omg the horrors I have read...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Omg! If I keep on reading this I am going do die of laughter! This is the funnies thing that I have come across on watt pad! -silently dies of laughter-
((It's times like these I wonder if he really is my uncle...))

^I can't believe Thor is actually Loki's brother...They're so different!^


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