Your Sweet Talk Always Was A Bit Much

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AemiJules By AemiJules Updated 3 years ago
Madeleine has been in love with Noah since she was fifteen. Living with her brother's best friend, she's finally gotten away from Noah's drama. Now that one exhausting relationship was over it wouldn't hurt to let someone else in. But why risk it?
shellbell232 shellbell232 3 years ago
I'm interested ...agree comments looking 4 little more details and hook regarding characters....however like story start and Lex guy intrest in her.  Add more inner thoughts fears and will make story stronger .  I shall read on.  Keep going
skiesjpg skiesjpg 3 years ago
Everything pieced together was alright, no grammar mistakes or anything, and I find that the plot and the description was quite good, so keep it up!
Okaaay. I think you should work on your intro a little bit. It's fine, don't worry about it, but I wish it would pull me into the story a little more, you know? That's my only suggestion!
Poindexter Poindexter 3 years ago
Sorry this took me so long.
I like your characters, as well as your plot and writing style. Everthing flows nicely together. Though, like someone said before, I do wish there were more details.
Perfextionist Perfextionist 3 years ago
carefree and totally light, GREAT JOB! :) This was a very good way to start :)
StandingOnThinIce StandingOnThinIce 4 years ago
this is very good :) I love the names and I just seem intrigued by it.