The Mind of a Queen

New collection of poems, now following the metrics, not just rambling words rhyming at a point. Also short stories and flash fictions, anything that comes near my brain.
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I love the line "Truth is, love isn't dead, just asleep".
Thanks for reminding me that, such a wake up call. Really love this poem :)
Great job. The rhyme scheme was unsettling and that helped to attribute to the feelings behind the poem.
Was very touching. Sounds like she's saying goodbye to a love affair or to a loved one who passed away.
Wow.... Simple, yet strong and passionate words...... And to compose in a fixed poetry form ~.~
Mind to drop me a hint? =)
I love the Rondeau style, it always seems very Dickensian to me for some reason.
This is so beautiful... the love for love is always there in us... just needs time to open up again .. so true

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