A Stranger In My Home

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LilianeGrouse By LilianeGrouse Updated 2 years ago
After years of spousal abuse, Julie Gibbons had given up hoping her husband would change his ways and resigned herself to her fate. Could the appearance of a stranger change everything for her?
CottOnCandii CottOnCandii 2 years ago
I love this story... this story shows the reality in our world yet... this story makes me fall for Jason more XD
MoonshineNoire MoonshineNoire 2 years ago
Personally this is a pretty strong emotional read. I like it. I finished it and think it pretty well perfected.
Justcantgetenough Justcantgetenough 2 years ago
I love how all your stories have relatable characters and how they seem Real.
LittleWillowTree LittleWillowTree 2 years ago
I love it!! I couldn't stop reading it! Are you going to finish it?
Taylur Taylur 2 years ago
It is well-structured,but somewhere that 'catch' is still missing
@LilianeGrouse omg, thats weird cuz i started eating chocolate when I finished this. Which btw was really good!