Elena Rusakova had always been painfully shy. But all that changed when Elena transferred schools, vowing to become a changed person. In a new environment, with no one knowing about her past, she became Harrodian School's queen bee. At the top of the social hierarchy, she had everything she wanted: the money, the fame, and the boys. Boys were nothing to her except trophies she could flaunt to her fellow cheerleaders. She was unexpectedly bored. However one day, she received the most unexpected gifts of all: the gift of redeeming love in the form of...a nerd.
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Aw I loved this chapter! You actually went step by step for her transformation and that is amazing((:
This is such a great story! It has details when needed, humor, and it's different! I really like different
awww, i like Zeus, and he does have a beautiful name!! this is a really brilliant start and i cant wait for you to upload :)
It's not that bad. And you're lightening up a bit, which is good. I love those side remarks given to her. They speak so much truth. Nice job! :))
I love this chapter! It's like a brand new start again!! :-) voted! Your chapters are very unique and they deserve votes!!
I love this chapter it' so dark and misterious, at first I thought it's about vampires werewolf?? But I don't think so...:)) Vote!

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