We Meet Again (Harry Styles / One Direction) [COMPLETE AND SLOWLY EDITING]

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Zoe By Zoe826 Completed
"Your smothies will be ready in just a moment" I smile and move onto the next customer 
    From the pick up station I hear a laugh and look over to the five boys who all seem to be staring at me. 
    The boy with the curly hair who ordered stared at me and walked over and leaned on the counter.
    "Hi Jordan" he smirks at me. How does he know my name!?
    "We meet again"Realisation smacks me right in the face.
    "Harry Styles" I grimace, my childhood bully and best friend
    Fudge Cakes
if you don't know now it never was a good reason to bully her in the first place
Why fudge huh?why not carrot?peanut butter? I swear the flavorism has got to stop. xD
Why hello Harold. I know your name but I didn't know you knew mine ;)
it's always about the look. Dear writer, stop this. Ugly girls are also meant to be loved.
HMMMM let me guess who they are...
                                    THE LAMA FANCLUB OF COURSE DUH
this book is stupid she forgave him because h I nice and now hotter that's stupid she needs to be stubborn !