Carina was just an ordinary girl heading home from a stressful semester at college. However, she doesn't realize that in the woods behind her house, lies a portal to a world she was destined to save, and she is in for the biggest adventure of her life. With the help of her animal familiar, a handsome king, some mischievous centaurs, and a powerful dragon, she will put her old life behind her and embrace this new world which only she can save.
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Very good!!! I love it so far!! It's 2:24 am but I can't help myself I need to keep reading!!! 
omg so far its good like i can totally see this as a hit in the box officre like twilight orf harry potters i would love to see this in the theatres
I wish I could grow flowers with my cat ;)
Great chapter, I'm liking the story.
Love it... I sjhall continue when im not using my phone... Anyways... U jumped into it pretty quick but it gets uhookedi guess

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