Revenge. That was the driving force that moved him across the room to the blonde beauty. Leo Constantinides is ruthless, cunning and merciless. No one with half a mind would ever dare to cross him. His name and his status are known worldwide; who wouldn’t know one of the richest men in the world? There is only one person on the face of earth he despises more than anything or anyone, and that is Remus Quintin. Remus is a billionaire in his own right. He uses sneaky, unethical means to get what he wants. His greed and power were what drove him to corruption. Upon his journey for revenge, Leo inadvertently finds out about Remus’ docile daughter Isobel. The plan is simple, woo Isobel, make her fall in love, bed her and then publically dump her, just as Remus had done with Sophia. But to Leo's shock Isobel is not as docile as she seems. What will Leo do with a blonde spitfire that constantly awakens his primitive needs? Read to find out.
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On the cover the end of the girls hair looks like a pinecone so.... Yeah just wanted to get that out before I explode
please please please please.................update soon...ur book is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cant wait for the next chapter..........
please update soon cuz its so very interesting.......this is the kind of story I like to read...........
Such a pretty cover. Really good writing style also and I love the original plot :)
Ahhhhh love it! I agree with it being more mature I like that! ;) it sounds great! Keeeeeep uploading please
Ohhhh la la. This sounds amazinggg! I am so excited for this story. I love the revenge aspect of it. It's gonna get crazy!

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