Oranges & Roses

When Emelina De Sota returned to her hometown after her freshman year at college, she never expected anything like what was handed to her when she got there. All she wanted out of the summer was to relax and possibly spend some quality time with her brother. With a past long thought buried coming back to haunt her, Em has a lot on her plate. Not to mention her brother(the current leader of the Spanish Thorns) and a certain up and coming gangster that can't quite let her go no matter what he does. You'd think that would be enough for one girl to handle but when the person who recruited her brother into the Thorns comes back to cause a lot of trouble, Em finds herself in a rather precarious situation. She can either help her brother tear down the well-oiled machine he's built up around them both or let the past and a terrible loss pull her so far down that no one will be able to help her out of it. Book Two in the Spanish Thorns Series ~ * ~ It's true. When I started this story it was PG-13 but then I changed it to R after some reflection.Generally the book is going to be very mild but because of certain key scenes...the R rating was warranted. Not to mention the characters swear like sailors. :) Anyways, this story includes bloodloss, gunshots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, tears, bathroom breaks, Robert Frost, and some other random stuff.
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I love Oranges.
I think you should've named it Sugar and & Oranges. Sounds so much more delicious and pleasing to thy tummy.
Oh please be Rey!!!! The voice that she wants to hear. Here I go again Courtney =D
I stayed up all night to read Thorns&Oranges. I'm loving this series!!!
Now for book2.... lol
I really like the book cover! :D I'll give it a read, even though I don't know what it's about and let you know what I think. :)
Love this story!!! I also love how it's listed as #5 on the Action genre :)  Keep it up lil sis! :)
@Montyzu omg ur right! what about dom!?!?!? how could he possibly be so friggen chill?

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