Teacher's Little Secret.

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Going into her senior year, Pashmina thought it'd be no different than her previous high school years with the exception of graduation. That whole idea was wiped completely from her mind the day she walked into her biology class meeting her new teacher, Mr. August. Tall, handsome, toned, and smart, Meena became attracted. On the other side, Mr. Chresanto August had also become attracted to Ms. Pashmina. What happens when she becomes the teachers little secret?
My journalism teacher hated me so much, she said it took all her might not smack me across my  head. Now I have her for English next year
All principals at black schools got megaphones like we incompetent or something
If you 21 in high school yo asss is just sorry... you better had started school late and been in a coma for a couple years
Yassss if I had him as a teacher I would've woke up everyday smiling and skipping to school sat in the front and everything
Wtf ? Huh . I know there ain't no 21 year olds in Highschool , lol .
lol he like her he want her number after school just not infornt of everybody..