Moonlight Madness Book 1 (Watty Awards 2012)

Leah was having a time adjusting to her new life after her mother remarried. Her step brother hated her, she had trouble making new friends and she would rather just find a quiet corner to read in than attend a high school party like the rest of her class. That all seems to change when she comes in contact with her brother's best friend, Jaxon. The chemistry between them implodes at astronomical proportions and unexplainable things begin to happen. And if that wasn't enough to complicate matters, for the first time in her life, someone finds out about her secret. A secret she had been harboring for as long as she could remember; the secret of her inner panther. She also learns that in this new town she lives in, she's not alone like she once thought. She just happens to live in a town filled with other feline shifters. Now the real story begins.
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Moonlight madness is whatI'm wanting to read but only read what is completed. Is this story complete?
why isn't moonlight envy coming up in my search?
the last I git to we were up to lucas bit :
arghhh ive been waiting for "moonlight envy" to be finished for ages.... now I cant find it? HELPPPPP
dont flipping tell me she is gonna end up with this LUCA douche!!!! I hate his guts!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SCREAM!!!!* this is agony!!!! i feel for this girl :'( :'( :'(
Chapter 10 Comment: Dun dun DUUUUUUN :3 I bet it's Luca or something? It seems like that stereotypical moment :P
Chapter 6 Comment: Awwwww, the over-protectiveness makes these non-existent characters soooo much more appealing :) Jaxon is too damn cute for his own good!!

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