Rooming with Mr. Perfect

'One Deadly Incident.' It made all the difference in Danielle's life. Her naïvety was stolen and she was broken. She was left alone in the dorm to search for the demons at night; having a past that was furiously following her for a perfect time to strike hard and kill; a Psycho who was waiting for her blood with vengence; a Boy who was playing her heart and soul for a cruel revenge; a friend lying lifeless in the hospital bed; and a family who didn't damn care. Above all, she had to face everything alone- singlehandedly, every struggle along her path as she ran through the wild race of broken trust and promises, lost love, heartbreaks, pain and fear of death. Could she ever survive this rollercoaster ride called life? Or would she simply succumb to the welcoming embrace of death?
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Literally if you ended the story like this it would've been perfect... AMAZING prologue
hi there author!  I love yourstory.. I really really Love it ^___^
and this is my first english story that I read 'cause I'm a filipino.
whew, this one is touching., and logan in the cover page really caught my
wowwwwww! !! u explained it so beautifully.  The concept of life is now clear to me.
Doesn't Logan Lerman look like a cat? It's probably just me who thinks most people look like a certain animal... ;)
OMG! You used Logan Lerman in the book cover!!! I have a huge crush on him!!! Anyways, you made a good story ;)

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