I can see my sister's ghost

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PinkAngel22 By PinkAngel22 Completed
Eight years ago Emma's sister died. When Emma comes back to her aunt's house, she can see Isabel everywhere, even in her dreams. Her sister is trying to tell her something, but what? Can Emma find out before it's too late?
crazygirlshara crazygirlshara 2 years ago
uwaaaaaaaaaahhhhh... goosebumps is attacking .. and im shivering like H*ll... .
Mackenzie8cat Mackenzie8cat 2 years ago
I thought this story was very interesting. I wish it was longer cause if it was, it would make an AMAZING story:) Keep up the good work! Voted:)
Agorawriterteer Agorawriterteer 3 years ago
Only read the prologue and already i have voted and added to my reading list, love your work :)
EllieeSmith EllieeSmith 3 years ago
So sad :(
I'm just gunna say this one thing, in the prologue I think you might have put 'Emma' too much maybe try 'she'? But AWESOME!
But so sad
foryounever11 foryounever11 3 years ago
also, what's a forest walk away? might have to be more specific.  forests can be huge or tiny
cantpromiseyou cantpromiseyou 3 years ago
I agree with the comment below.

But at the same time, oh god that must be awful and kind of exciting seeing your ghost sister!